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    2015.09 Remodeling Ceremony of Bldg. 10
    2013.06 Remodeling Ceremony of Bldg. 11
    2011.07 Remodeling Ceremony of Bldg. 13
    2011.07 Building Completion Ceremony of Bldg. 12
    2010.09 Established Global Sports Management major Department
    of Physical Education (Master, Ph.D.)
    2009.12 Reconstructed Bldg. 12
    2009.10 Established Interdisciplinary Program for Global Education Cooperation (Master, Ph.D.)
    2009.10 Established Interdisciplinary Program for Early Childhood Education (Ph.D.)
    2008.03 Renamed the In-Service Training Center for Secondary Education
    as the In-Service Training Center for Education
    2008.01 Established the Center for Bridging Advanced Science and Education
    2007.09 Renamed the Department of National Ethics Education
    as the Department of Ethics Education
    2007.07 Established the Center for Multicultural Education
    2005.02 Established the Affiliated Lifelong Learning Research Center
    1997.05 Unified the Affiliated Social Studies Education Research Institute,
    Korean Language Education Research Institute, and Science
    Education Research Institute and established the Center for Educational Research
    1997.03 Established the Program for Education of Korean as a Foreign Language
    1996.05 Renamed the Physical Education for Society Leaders Research and
    Training Institute as Academy of Sport for all Instruction
    1992.11 Established the Affiliated Korean Language Education Research Institute
    1990.11 Established the Affiliated Social Studies Education Research Institute
    1982.05 Advanced the standards for all major subjects to the departmental level
    1981.02 Opened the Department of National Ethics Education
    1975.03 Relocated its campus to Kwanak following an integration program for SNU
    1975.02 Integrated the Graduate School of Education into the College of Education
    1973.09 Established the Affiliated Science Education Research Institute
    1963.11 Established the Affiliated Education Research Institute
    1963.04 Established the Graduate School for Education
    1963.04 Established the Department of Korean Language Education,
    the Department of Mathematics Education,
    and the Department of Foreign Language Education
    1963.03 Established the Affiliated In-Service Training Center for Secondary Education
    1961.12 Closed 12 departments including Educational Psychology,
    Educational Administration, and Korean; Opened the Science Department
    and the Social Living Department
    1960.10 Established the affiliated National Academy for Educational Administrators
    1951.09 Separated the affiliated six year middle school into middle and high schools
    1950.06 Set up a Faculty of Literature and a Faculty of Natural Sciences
    with a total of 10 departments
    1949.12 Renamed as the College of Education at SNU
    1946.08 Established College of Education after being unified and
    reorganized into Seoul National University (SNU)
    1945.10 Established the Kyongsong College of Education
    1895.04 Established Hansung Normal School


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