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The Talking Species: Perspectives on the evolutionary, neuronal and cultural foundations of language by Eva Maria Luef
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  • Date2018-12-18 13:28:43
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Humans are uniquely characterized by having a complex language and the ability to speak. Studying the cognitive foundations of language is one of the most challenging endeavors in linguistics and related fields as it spans a wide range of research disciplines which all contribute to our understanding of language. The goal of this volume is to present current reviews and research reports which examine the phenomenon of language from different perspectives. To be specific, the biological, neuronal and social pillars of linguistic cognition are discussed within their different theoretical and methodological frameworks, offering a diversity of perspectives that will contribute to meaningful crossfertilization across several disciplines.
Pring Length : 498 pages
Publisher : Uni-Press Verlag (Aug, 2018)

Language: English
ISBN : 978-3-902666-52-9


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