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2019 Fall iSNUCE Tour and Picnic

 On September 28th, 2019 iSNUCE Neighborhood Market Tour was held. Professor Sonya Nichole Martin, Professor Junhua Yu, and students met together to look around the neighborhood of Seoul National University. From Sharosu-gil to Inheon Market, stores, iSNUCE members experienced fancy restaurants and different shops near the campus. After, they had a traditional Korean dish together and shared tips about life in Gwanak. By experiencing the essence of Gwanak, new international students are expected to enjoy exciting life in Korea.
 On October 19th, iSUNCE on-campus picnic event was held. Including professor Junhua Yu, about 8 students gathered at Beodulgol, big field behind the buildings of College of Education. The students are divided into two group and played Yutnori, a traditional Korean game. At last, the iSNUCE members ate a delicious lunch together. Experiencing new place in familiar Gwanak campus, the event will be remained as a fond memory to the international students.


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