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2019 iSNUCE May Han-river Picnic & Q&A Session
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  • Date2019-05-29 17:43:20
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On May 17th 2019, iSNUCE Han-river Picnic was held. Professor Junhua Yu, and students meet together to look around Banpo Han-river park. Settled, student played Yut-nori to test their improvement of game skill since on-campus picnic. After, iSNUCE members had a chicken and ramen, a trendy culture of young Koreans. By experiencing the essence of Seoul, international students are expected to strengthen their love of Korea.  

On May 22nd 2019, a Q&A session was held to provide international students an opportunity to ask administrative questions freely. This session was held by a department of Education and Global Education Cooperation. By analyzing questions which previously collected, considerable time of session was spend on explaining graduation conditions. Through the Q&A session, international students will be able to reach their academic goal more efficiently.



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