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SNU Dorms & Housing Facilities


BK International House

The BK International House provides residences for visiting professors, researchers, and graduate students from home and abroad.

Gwanaksa is home to about 4,800 students from all over Korea and around the world, providing residents with living quarters not only to study and relax, but also to meet people from various backgrounds. 

Education Facilities

Korean Language Education Center
The Korean Language Education Center (KLEC) teaches Korean language and culture to international students and overseas Koreans.

Libraries The SNU Library and its seven branch libraries maintain a collection of 4 million books, over 10,000 scholarly journals, 31,000 electronic journals, and 167,000 titles of non-print materials in support of the research and academic activities of the University.


Health Facilities

Health Service Center health team at the SNU Health Service Center facility includes physicians, registered nurses, and a counselor and is equipped with a laboratory, radiology services, a pharmacy, and support staff. 

SNU General Gymnasium

Sports, fitness, and health facilities are located around the SNU campus.

POSCO Sports Center
The POSCO Sports Center is equipped with an Olympic-scale swimming pool, a weight room, golf ranges, squash/racquetball courts and multipurpose fitness rooms. Wide-ranging instructional courses, as well as shower booths and sauna facilities are available.

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