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Office: Bldg. 11, Rm. 218
Tel.:  02-880-7670

The primary focus of the English Education at Seoul National University is to cultivate leaders and experts in the field of English education. The courses in the program are based on major academic achievements in the studies of English Language, English Literature and English Education. In the undergraduate program, junior students familiarize themselves with the basic theories of English language and the preliminary frameworks in English literature; senior students focus on advancing towards a professional level, and investigate the ways in which they can apply theoretical works and methodologies to the educational arena.

In the light of the quality and the content of the curriculum of the department, the program is considered most appropriate for those who are interested in exploring all areas of linguistics, literature and equipped with the fundamentals of prospective educationalists. The successful graduates of English Language Education will assume their roles as teachers and leaders who actively participate in the field of English education. Those who are passionate in pursuing their intellectual goals as professionals can apply for graduate courses and further their academic career in the areas of English language, English literature and English education as researchers and specialists in the fields.

Our graduate program is designed to prepare graduates to take a leading role in the fields of English education, English language, and English literature and assume roles as experts in the interrelated areas of English education. The courses encompass concepts, principles and theories of English education and a general background in English language and English literature, with a special focus on foreign language education.


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