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Office: Bldg. 13, Rm. 404
Tel.: 02-880-7777

The academic purpose of our department is to produce highly qualified educators, who have a profound understanding of the natural behavior of earth in the areas of atmospheric, geographic, oceanic, and astronomical fields, and to train experts specialized in earth science and the earth science education. The undergraduate curriculum consists of fundamental courses on natural science, such as math, physics, and chemistry, and delivers a general overview on earth science. In the graduate program, the curriculum is subdivided in to several branches to offer a more specialized education, and the branches include astronomy, atmospheric science, oceanography, geographic science, geophysics, and science education.

Depending on their personal academic interests, the graduates of the department of earth science education pursue a career in teaching, as middle or high school teachers or university professors, or continue to practice their research at national research centers. Today, considerable amount of research is being geared towards studying the environmental changes on earth and space. To conduct a more systematic and integrated study on the environmental changes, which may have a drastic influence on our future civilization, and to spread the awareness of the importance of the environmental problems to the general public, the demand for producing qualified earth science specialists and educators is rising. In response to the world's demand, our department offers to teach earth system science, which combines the individual subjects on earth science, and is implementing a modernized science education to produce educators suitable for today's digital era.


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