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Office: Bldg. 13, Rm. 222
Tel.: 02-880-7768
The department of Biology Education at Seoul National University has a long history and an honored tradition since the establishment in 1946. The education goal of the department is to train science and biology teachers for secondary schools, and superior scholars who will help advance biology and biology education. The department offers curriculums for helping students acquire the ways of scientific thinking and the fundamental concepts of all areas of biology and biology education, whereby students will develop their abilities and attitudes for actively inquiring into new problems in biology and science education.

The undergraduate and graduate courses in the department have produced a large number of graduates with a bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree, who have played a pivotal role in the whole range of Korean society including the biology education and the biology circles. In addition, the researches carried out in this department have greatly contributed to the development of biology education and biology fields.


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