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    2020-2 iSNUCE 프로그램 보조조교 모집 ([Job Opening] Supporting Student Assistant for iSNUCE)
    • 작성자맹진솔
    • 날짜2020-08-10 11:35:13
    • 조회수434
    <모집 내용>
    모집 인원: 1명
    모집 기한: 20.08.10.(월)  ~ 2020. 08.21. (금)
    담당 업무: iSNUCE 외국인학생 지원 프로그램 보조 조교(Support Assistant)
    지원 자격: 2020학년도 2학기 등록 예정인 사범대 학생
    ∙ 대학원생 우대하나, 학부생도 지원 가능함
    ∙ 정규학기생/ 초과학기생 모두 지원 가능
    ∙ 내국인/외국인 모두 지원 가능
    활동기간: 2020년 2학기(9월~12월)
    조교비: 월 20만원 (매월 20시간 근무 기준.  9~12월 지급됨)
    <지원 방법>으로 아래 내용이 담긴 영문지원서(자유양식) 제출.
    - 자기소개
    - iSNUCE의 보조 조교(Support Assistant) 가 되고 싶은 이유
    - 이 업무를 위해 가진 자질, 능력 등
    ※ 문의: 사범대 기획실 맹진솔 (T. 02-880-8875)

    College of Education’s iSNUCE Team is currently recruitinge supporting student assistant to work for the Fall semester. The supporting student will be involved in event planning and preparatory work regarding the iSNUCE program.
    Job Title: Supporting Student Assistant
    Duration: September – December (4 months)
    Job qualifications:
    1. Students who are currently registered at College of Education
    2. Both international and domestic students can apply
    3. Though graduate students are preferred, undergraduates can also apply
    4. Both Regular Semester/ Extra semester students can apply
    5. Students who are fluent in English/Chinese/Korean (Bilingual students are welcome)
    6. Students who are willing to help international students of CoE
      Payment: 200,000KRW monthly
    Those who are interested in applying for the position, please apply by sending a short introduction(free form) to
    Your introduction must include:
    1) A self-introduction with your contact information
    2) A specific reason why you want to join the iSNUCE team
    3) Skills you have that could be useful for the iSNUCE program
    Application for this job opening are accepted until August 21st(Friday).
    Inquiries: Office of International Affairs, Jinsol Maeng (T. 02-880-8875)



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