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    [iSNUCE] 2020 Spring Semester Language Exchange Program Application Announcements
    • 작성자최나은
    • 날짜2020-01-28 11:11:20
    • 조회수1633
    2020 Spring Semester Language Exchange Program Application Announcements
    The Language Exchange Program (LEP) is a program that connects foreign students with Korean students and helps them learn each other's language and culture. Foreign and Korean students can enhance each others language skills and understanding of other countries, and will be able to create synergies in helping each other.
    1. Eligibility: Undergraduate or graduate school students (except for students who are on leave / graduate students who have finished normal education period(4) / students who scheduled for education traing this semester)
    * Available for all grades
    2. Application period: 20th January(Mon) - 21th February(Fri)
    3. How to apply: Apply online
    4. Other
    - No fee or income guaranteed.
    - Students who were selected and acted in the last semester can also re-apply.
    - Orientation is scheduled for early September. Specific times and locations will be notified individually. (Orientation participation is mandatory)
    - Selected student obligation: Meet your partner for 1 hour each week, learn the relative language for 30 minutes each, and post your activity on Facebook
    - Participants who meet partner 9 times (80%) or more of times the will be issued a certificate of the name of the college graduate (participation period: 9th March. - 29th May, total 12 weeks)
    - We try to match students by reflecting requests as much as possible.
    - If you want to withdraw from the LEP program please connect to the following e-mail until 21th February. You may be restricted from participating in the upcoming iSNUCE program if you decide to withdraw from the program without speaking in advance. Please do not limit your partner's chance to participate in the LEP.
    - If you are unable to access the link due to unavoidable circumstances, please contact us by mail below.

    5. Inquiries: Planning Office of the College of Education Choi Naeun


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