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    2019 Fall semester iSNUCE Seoul Lantern Festival
    • 작성자최나은
    • 날짜2019-11-27 16:17:17
    • 조회수1310

     On November 6th, iSNUCE took a field trip to attend the Lantern Festival. Professor Sonya MARTIN, Professor Junhua YU and five international students of CoE walked along the Cheonggyechon stream and took pictures of beautiful lanterns with different designs and colors. Students were surprised by its size and delicacy. Students also learned a traditional Korean fable after viewing the lantern depicting two kids escaping from a tiger.
     On this trip, every iSNUCE member saw not only beautiful lanterns, but also had a chance to learn about Korean culture and history. We shared our feelings about the lantern festival and our enjoyment to discover Seoul.


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