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iSNUCE Fall 2019 Work Scholarship information
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iSNUCE is seeking a Lead Student Administrator
Who can apply: international and domestic students who are currently taking Graduate/Doctoral courses for a regular semester at the College of Education (Extra semester student cannot apply)
Application Period: Mon. 07/29/2019 - Friday 08/09/2019

Application Type: 2 (60 hours per month with salary of 500,000KRW per month)
STEP 1: prepare a short introduction letter and email letter to The letter should include the following
- introduction about yourself
- why you want to be the Lead Assistant for iSNUCE
- what qualities and qualifications you have for this position
STEP 2: Submit application materials to SNU Portal -- go to mySNU portal (>Academic Information> Scholarship> Application / Status> Work Scholarship
Note: You may have to submit required documents to the department office

※ You must finish both Step1 & Step2 within the period
※ Inquiry: CoE Office of Int’l Affiars and Planning – Jaeeun Cho ( / T.02-880-8872)


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