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Visit to regular symposium of INEI
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  • Date2018-11-27 14:31:31
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Prof. Byeonggon, Min(associate dean of planning and international affairs) and Prof. Yongho, Lee(associate dean of student affairs) attended the International Symposium of International Network of Educational Institutions (INEI) held at Beijing Normal University for two days and three nights from November 20th. At the event, discussions were held on various issues, such as the renewal of the INEI Convention, cooperation in education / research, and selection of the venue for the 2019 annual meeting.

INEI is a World Federation of Teachers' Colleges that started in 2008 and consists of nine universities (SNU, Peking University, Nanyang Technological University, Cape Town University, London University, Melbourne University, São Paulo University, University of Wisconsin, Madison) and Hiroshima University joins as a new member in 2018.


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