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Indonesia Sinarmas World Academy(SWA) Visited SNU COE
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  • Date2018-04-12 09:48:39
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A Delegation of Sinarmas World Academy(SWA) visited Seoul Nat’l Univ. College of Education(COE) at March 9th, 2018. SWA has been actively engaged in exchange projects with The Elementary School attached to COE, including homestay programs, since MOU in August, 2017.

Mr. Anton Mailoa, chairman of SWA, Ms. Rhea Carl David de Guzman, vice principal of SWA Elementary School made a visit and Hyeong-rae Lee, principal of The Elementary School attached to COE visited COE with a teacher. Also, Dong-Yeol Park, associate dean for academic affairs, Byeong-gon Min, associate dean for planning and international affairs and June-hee Yoo, chairperson of the committee on globalization of COE attended.

June-hee Yoo introduced the current status of Seoul Nat’l Univ. and COE to the SWA visitors. After that, Anton Mailoa introduced SWA. Especially, SWA expressed its intention to actively cooperate in exchange and cooperation with COE, and COE also promised to continue exchanges to promote cooperative projects such as student exchange.



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