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32 Agreements with Korean Schools Abroad(Bangkok, Geonkuk, Keumgang, Kyoto, Tokyo) 이채영 2017.07.03 1131
31 Prof. Im Cheolil(Department of Edu) Elected as the president of KSET 이채영 2017.07.03 1150
30 Prof. Park Seonghyeok(Social Studies Edu) Awarded Prime Minister’s Commendation 이채영 2017.07.03 1259
29 Kim Jaegeun(Biology Edu) and Jeong Daehong(Chemistry Edu) Awarded at 2016 SNU Education Awarding and Scholarship Studying Awarding 이채영 2017.07.03 959
28 Attending INEI International Symposium 이채영 2017.07.03 916
27 ‘Friendship Day’ of Graduate Students 이채영 2017.07.03 812
26 Park Yongdae(Ethics Edu), Kim Danah(Social Studies Edu) Awarded at Contest of Personal Experience of Social Volunteering Activity 이채영 2017.07.03 1250
25 2016 ICER Special Session 이채영 2017.07.03 932
24 2016 International Seminar 이채영 2017.07.03 1139
23 Research of Prof. Ryu Jaemyeong and Prof. Shin Jeongyeop(Geography Edu) was Selected as the In This Year’s Paper of National Council For Geographic Education. 이채영 2017.07.03 1024


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