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No. Title Writer Date Pageview
47 SNU Preliminary Teacher Experiencing Educational Environment of Three Northest Castles 이채영 2017.07.03 1216
46 National Assembly Education Hope Forum ‘EduNext2 Direction of Training Teacher for Future Korea’ 이채영 2017.07.03 1551
45 33 Professor Faculty of RBUB Visiting COE 이채영 2017.07.03 1565
44 Visit of Singapore NIE School Faculty to COE 이채영 2017.07.03 1256
43 Prof. Seong Sang-hwan(German Language Edu) Appointed as International Editing Member by IJGLSA 이채영 2017.07.03 1359
42 Agreement with Gyeonggi Foreign Language High School 이채영 2017.07.03 1620
41 Prof. Song Jin-ung(Physics Edu) Became the 17th president of KASE 이채영 2017.07.03 1539
40 Prof. Min Byeong-gon(Korean Language Edu) and Cho Yeong-hwan(Department of Edu) Promoted 이채영 2017.07.03 1105
39 The 9th Cheongkwan Prize Awarding 이채영 2017.07.03 1205
38 Kwansa Scholarship Helping International Students 이채영 2017.07.03 928


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