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No. Title Writer Date Pageview
62 The 71st Graduation Ceremony 이채영 2017.11.22 633
61 Gurogu-SNU, Civil Democratic Learning Class 이채영 2017.11.22 699
60 SNU Division of Global Sport Management Talent Development Took ‘2017 Marine Sports Experience’ 이채영 2017.11.22 660
59 The 7th International Network Conference for Inter-Asian Chemistry Educators 이채영 2017.11.22 696
58 Director Byeon Juseon Appointed to the 2nd President of Geumah Pi-chundeuk Commemoration Organization 이채영 2017.11.22 665
57 2017 Preliminary College for North Korean Refugee Adolescents 이채영 2017.11.22 678
56 SNU DTM(Dream Together Master) Program Participating in ‘Seoul Global Taekwondo Leaders Forum’ 이채영 2017.11.22 669
55 SNU-COE Affiliate Schools Newsletter Vol. 2017 June 이채영 2017.11.22 849
54 Training Course of International Sports Administrator ’Dream Together Master’, SNU Quarterly ’SNU People’ Present 이채영 2017.07.03 1536
53 Prof. Sonya Martin(Earth Science Edu) Appointed as honorary ambassador of public order of Korean wave 이채영 2017.07.03 1447


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