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No. Title Writer Date Pageview
17 Students Volunteering at remote area of Laos 이채영 2017.07.03 894
16 Business Agreement for Adolescent Educational Service Activities Between SNU COE-Gwanak Police Station 이채영 2017.07.03 1301
15 Visit of Iraq Education Experts 이채영 2017.07.03 1355
14 Interview Report of Professor Park Gyeongae Published in NASA Website 이채영 2017.07.03 1563
13 Medical Agreement with ‘Hospital of Love(사랑의 병원)’(support for medical treatment to international students) 이채영 2017.07.03 1557
12 World COE Dean Conference 이채영 2017.07.03 1531
11 COE Planning Committee Forum ‘Changes of Korean Society and Direction of COE’ 이채영 2017.07.03 1498
10 Awarding Outstanding ‘Language Exchange with Foreign Students Program Team’ 이채영 2017.07.03 1077
9 COE Planning Committee Seminar 이채영 2017.07.03 1199
8 Teacher’s Day, Repaying a Kindness for Teacher Meeting 이채영 2017.07.03 1083


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