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Dean & Associate Deans

  • Heui-Baik Kim, Dean
  • Dong-Yeol Park, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Yong-Ho Lee, Associate Dean for Student Affairs
  • Byeong-Gon Min,  Associate Dean for Planning and International Affairs

Advisory Boards

  • Council of Professors
  • Department Chair Council
  • College of Education Council


  • Personnel Committee
  • Academic Program Committee
  • Curriculum Development Committee
  • Faculty Evaluation Committee
  • Research Funds Management Committee
  • Planning Committee
  • International Cooperation Globalization Committee
  • Gifted Education Committee


  • Education
  • Korean Language Education
  • English Language Education
  • German Language Education
  • French Language Education
  • Social Studies Education
  • History Education
  • Geography Education
  • Ethics Education
  • Mathematics Education
  • Physics Education
  • Chemistry Education
  • Biology Education
  • Earth Science Education
  • Physical Education

Interdisciplinary Program

  • Home Economics Education
  • Music Education
  • Special Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Fine Arts Education
  • Environmental Education
  • Global Education Cooperation

Reserch Institutes

  • Center for Education Research
  • Foreign Language Education Research Institute
  • Social Studies Education Research Institute
  • Science Education Research Institute
  • SNU Science-gifted Education Center
  • Lifelong Learning Research Center
  • Research Center for Special Education
  • Center for Multicultural Education
  • Education Research Institute
  • Korean Language Education Research Institute
  • Institute of Sport Science

Supporting Facilities

  • Education Information Hall
  • Computing Searching Room
  • Information Center
  • Multimedia Computer Room Educational Library
  • Computing Searching Room
  • Multimedia Computer Room
  • Language Center
  • Lecture Analysis Room

Public Lecturing Program

Program for Education of Korean as a Foreign Language

Training Institutes

National Academy for Educational Administrator


Manager, Staffs (General Affairs, Academic Affairs)

Affliated Schools

  • SNU High School
  • SNU Middle School
  • SNU Girl's Middle School
  • SNU Elementary School


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