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Message from The Dean


With great pleasure I welcome you to Seoul National University College of Education


“Seoul National University College of Education cultivating global leaders in the field of education”

Over the last seven decades, Seoul National University College of Education (SNU-COE) has been playing a pivotal role in our national and educational development while striving hard to cultivate outstanding teachers and education experts by carrying out pacesetting academic research. SNU-COE, one of the oldest colleges in Korea, originated from “Hansung Normal School” founded in 1895 and it was integrated as a college of Seoul National University in 1946 when SNU was established. Since then, SNU-COE has awarded over 23,000 bachelors and more than 8,000 graduates degrees. Its alumni are contributing to our nation’s development as leaders in various fields such as educational, political, economic, media, communicational and cultural fields.

Now facing a generation of 100 year life expectancy, SNU-COE also faces a new challenge. To make our society a better and happier one, we will make an effort to contribute to lifelong education, going beyond our original foundation purpose of cultivating outstanding teachers of secondary schools. Also SNU-COE will strive to grow into one of the greatest through exchanges with world’s best universities in other nations, while sharing our knowledge and methods with other under-developed countries so that they can be able to nurture their young people. We will strive to become one of the international centers of education and research by combining theory and practice of teacher education. Our goal is to grow into one of the colleges taking the lead on global education, going well beyond the national boarder. To that end, I promise to do my best working together with alumni as well as faculty members by practicing “sunbi” spirit.


March 2016

Chan-Jong Kim
Dean, College of Education
Seoul National University



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