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    iSNUCE is seeking a Supporting Student Assistant
    • 작성자조재은
    • 날짜2019-08-07 18:50:45
    • 조회수1519

    iSNUCE is seeking a Supporting Student Assistant
    Supporting students assist the lead iSNUCE Administrator for iSNUCE activities (like new student orientation and helps to organize and lead international students in social and cultural events during the semester).
    Who can apply:
    • who are currently taking courses at College of EducationBoth international and domestic students can apply
    • Though graduate is preferred, undergraduate can also apply
    • Both Regular Semester/ Extra semester students can apply
    Students who are proficient in ENGLISH or CHINESE or KOREAN can apply.

    Application Period:
    Wednesday 08/07/2019 - Friday 08/16/2019
    Work Period:
    September-December (4 months) (about 20 hours per month 200,000KRW per month)
    Send a short introduction email to
    • Introducing yourself
    • Tell us why you want to be the a Student Assistant for iSNUCE
    • Describe what qualities and qualifications you have for this position
    ※ Additional Inquiry: CoE Office of Int’l Affairs and Planning – Jaeeun Cho ( T.02-880-8872)


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